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Carolina BBQ Gift Box

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Experience the delicious smoky flavors of the south with the Carolina BBQ Gift Box! This mouth-watering selection includes some of the best BBQ goodies from North Carolina—Cheshire Smokehouse Carolina BBQ Sauce and Salami Classico, Carolina Kettle BBQ Chips,  The High Fiber piggy kitchen towel and a box o' Red Bird mints. Perfect for any BBQ lover! Yee-haw!

  • Cheshire Smokehouse Carolina BBQ Sauce / This Carolina Barbecue Sauce was made to be slathered all over pork or chicken. Southerners are crazy over it. The sweet and tangy flavors bring out the best in grilled or smoked pork or chicken. This vinegar and mustard based sauce will be one of your favorite condiments.
  • Cheshire Smokehouse Salami Classico /  A robust flavor derived from perfect, natural fermentation. Timing and the right balance of salt and pepper provide a impressive salami that can rival any in sicily. Cured with celery powder - no bht, bha, or msg is added. 6 oz chub. Shelf stable. 
  • Carolina Kettle Chips / Salty, spicy, vinegary! There are many bbq sauces, but none can beat the age old recipes that have been handed down in eastern North Carolina. Add in that smokey charcoal just-off-the-grill flavor, and you've got yourself some southern down-home goodness.
  • The High Fiber / Natural cotton kitchen towel, 28” x 29”, pigs print.
  • Red Bird Mints / A box of after-dinner soft peppermints, tied with ribbon.


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